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If you suffer from an epicondylitis, be ensured that we know how you feel right at the moment, as the tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow is a painful part of our story and history, too:

Harry Roeder suffered from the tennis elbow for two long years in both arms. He tried almost everything available on the market to get rid of the tormenting pain but nothing really helped. As the epicondylitis began to endanger his whole existence, he invented and developed the Masalo® Cuff together with his father.

Familie Röder, Erfinder der Masalo Manschette gegen Tennisarm, Golferarm, Mausarm

Ulrike and Harry Roeder, daughters Lilly und Lylou Roeder

Harry Roeder

“It was honestly a surgeon who explained to me, what actually happened to me and my arms and that the tractive forces caused microcracks to my tendon insertions which became inflamed and lead to the vicious circle.

I told the surgeon: “If tensile/tractive forces are the cause of the injury, isn’t it just possible to apply a kind of counter-traction to it?”

“Good idea”, he answered, “but unfortunately that’s not easily applicable to the human arm.”

But that idea was omnipresent in my mind and so my father and I bought leather and a few weeks later the Masalo Cuff was “born”.
After just three months we were both totally complaint- and painfree and nowadays even many physicians are convinced by our brace.”

Eric Siebert is a camera operator for several German TV stations and additionally a very ambitious bodybuilder. Being a camera operator, he often has to carry 25kg camera gear over a huge amount of time and somewhere between music festivals and exhausting gym sessions he finally got the epicondylitis in both arms.

The injury worsened quickly and even started endangering his sportive and professional livelihood.

Kameramann mit Masalo Manschette gegen Tennisarm

Eric Siebert:

“After a long research session in the internet I found the Masalo Cuff by accident and decided to give it a try. The website at that time was very unprofessional and it lacked customer reviews, but fighting my career-endangering tennis elbow devoured already so much money that I was more than willing to take that little risk as it was almost my last hope.

Surprisingly the brace helped within hours, and after a few days I was hitting the gym again and shot movies – everything of course with the Masalo Cuff attached.
As this little leather invention literally saved my existence I then decided to produce these little video clips for Harry which can be found throughout the website.”

Since then, Harry and Eric are good friends and both try to make the Masalo project a success story.

Ulrike Roeder plays a very important role in the Masalo business as well, without her outstanding support and enthusiasm, all of this wouldn’t be possible or even imaginable.

Any of you, customers or page visitors, can help spreading the word about our Masalo® Cuff and thereby help others ridding their tennis elbows and golfer’s elbows. Help us by recommending us to friends and family, via facebook posts or postings in internet forums. This would be much appreciated.

Our Masalo® Cuff is a medical device regarding regulation 2017/745/EU.


When buying our packaging materials we look for quality and aspects related to the environmental protection.
That is why we buy only from selected specialized dealers.

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