Applying the Masalo® Cuff MED

Putting on the Cuff correctly is quick and simple. Look forward to your restored quality of life!

Please read our “illustrated instruction manual” first and read all the info in our instructions for use.
Additionally please also have a look at our FAQ-page. Please follow the given instructions precisely in order to achieve the maximum effect with your cuff.
Only a correctly applied cuff can ensure pain relief and recovery!

In order to see the instructions, please click on the “Illustrated instruction manual” bar below.

We wish you a rapid recovery!

Älterer Herr mit Masalo Manschette MED gegen Tennisarm hebt ohne Schmerzen Kind hoch

Please note:

Please try on the Masalo® Cuff in a clean and dry environment and be sure to handle the product with care. We can not offer a full purchase refund if the cuff is used for a longer period of time or shows obvious signs of wear.

Measuring and size chart

The Masalo® cuff MED is available in two different sizes and fore each arm side.

In order to determine the correct cuff size for you, please measure the circumference of the affected forearm at the thickest part.
Please perform the measurement in a slightly stretched arm state.

Between 25.5cm and 28.5cm both sizes are a snug fit. Please choose size 1 when having a circumference of 27cm or less and choose size 2 with a circumference of more than 27cm.

Masalo Cuff - size chart

Instructions for use

Anlegeanleitung Masalo Manschette MED - Überstreifen der Tennisarmbandage

Take the cuff and open the two Velcro fasteners (do not pull the straps completely out of the plastic eyelets if possible, however, if that happens, they can easily be passed through the eyelets again.

Pull the cuff over your hand as shown in the picture.

Anlegeanleitung Masalo Manschette MED - Verschließen der Unterarmmanschette

Push the cuff up to the middle of the forearm and close the Velcro fastener so that the forearm cuff fits the arm snugly.

Anlegeanleitung Masalo Manschette MED - Lage der Unterrammanschette

Position it so that the small dot marking on the forearm cuff lines up with the middle of the elbow/arm.

Anlegeanleitung Masalo Manschette MED - Falsch angelegt
Anlegeanleitung Masalo Manschette MED - Richtig angelegt und Abstand beachtet

Please note: The forearm cuff is supposed to be located in the middle between the hand and the elbow and must not be placed too close to the elbow bend.
Make sure you maintain enough space in between!

Anlegeanleitung Masalo Manschette MED - Überstreifen des Oberarmgurtes

After finding the correct position for the forearm cuff, put the upper arm strap over your elbow and bend your arm.

Anlegeanleitung Masalo Manschette MED - Verschließen des Oberarmgurtes

Now adjust the upper arm strap in this position so that it fits well against the upper arm when the arm is bent.

Anlegeanleitung Masalo Manschette MED - Gegenzugprinzip
Anlegeanleitung Masalo Manschette MED - Korrekt angelegt, so kann der Tennisarm, Golferarm, Mausarm wirksam bekämpft werden

If you now extend your arm, the counter-traction should be noticeable. The relief is noticeably greater or lesser depending on how you vary the positioning. You should have to exert force to straighten your arm.

Correctly fitted cuff

When the arm is extended, you will see a curvature between the forearm cuff and the elbow. This tells you that the cuff is working correctly.

Adjust the position until you have reached the optimal position and relief for you. You can adjust the positioning at any time according to the respective situation (e.g. for activities with a bent arm, such as working on a computer, make the cuff slightly tighter, for other activities loosen it slightly as required, please note our tips on the following sections.

We recommend wearing the Masalo® cuff MED permanently during the first two weeks and as regular as possible until complete healing and when stressing the affected area/arm.

In case you experience any problems fitting your Masalo® cuff MED or while wearing, please consult your specialist dealer or contact us:

Masalo Cuff MED helps against tennis elbow and golfer's elbow

Cuff applied, what now?

Now you should either immediately – or within a maximum range of 15-30 minutes – feel a significant relief, otherwise something is not right. If the discharge/relief does not occur, adjust the bandage correctly again, or put it down and contact us. Please do not use the cuff if you are not sure whether you are willing to keep it or not. We can not offer a full purchase refund if the cuff is used for a longer period of time or shows obvious signs of wear.

Important: The Masalo® Cuff is a very effective brace against epicondylitis and develops strong forces. Please only use the cuff if you have received a specific diagnosis of your epicondylitis from a physician.

You can also check the function of the Masalo® cuff with a small test by clicking on the following “Function test” section.

If our cuff helps you ridding your injury, we look forward to receiving a small review from you or a recommendation to fellow sufferers, via Facebook, Internet forum, etc.

Wearing period

An epicondylitis may take a while to heal completely. Therefore a wearing period from 4 weeks to 6 months is not unusual.

The more consistently you wear the cuff (at best day AND night), the more it supports the healing process.

That is why we recommend the purchase of a second cuff so you can change it (after work, sports or washing) and thus always achieve an optimal effect.

Altenpflegerin trägt Masalo Manschette MED bei der Arbeit und hält die Hand einer älteren Dame

Please have a look at the “illustrated instruction manual” BEFORE watching this video!

Quick test for the Masalo® Cuff (tennis elbow only)

This is a small test to check the effectiveness of the cuff on a tennis elbow. When having a golfer’s elbow at least the relief must be clearly noticeable – but this test is in general not suitable for patients suffering from a golfer’s elbow:

  • Take off the Masalo® Cuff
  • Grab a full 1.5l bottle
  • Extend your arm and try to lift the bottle. Normally, a stress pain should occur
Funktionstest der Masalo Manschette mit einer PET Flasche

Now put on the cuff and adjust it a bit tighter for the testing purposes. Now stretch the arm with full force, feel the counter-traction and lift the bottle.

Ideally, the stress pain now is no longer existent, or the at least it should be significantly reduced by now. If you can successfully execute this test, then our Masalo® cuff will be effective for you and suit you well.

Now you only need some patience in order to fully heal your tennis elbow.

Anlegeanleitung Masalo Manschette MED - Korrekt angelegt, so kann der Tennisarm, Golferarm, Mausarm wirksam bekämpft werden
Anlegeanleitung Masalo Manschette MED - Funktionstest - Flasche wird angehoben

General information

The tighter you set the Masalo® Cuff initially, the greater the counter-traction is and the more the strain on the tendons is relieved. Especially at the beginning of the therapy, a tight setting and therefore greater discharge is advisable. Although the arm can be fully stretched while wearing the cuff, we recommend that you refrain from stretching the arm fully at least for the first couple of days, as far as your everyday life allows. You’ll get gradually used to the cuff, find the optimal settings and can use your arm back to normal soon.

The Masalo® Cuff should NOT immobilize the arm and performs its function best when the arm is moved as normally as possible. The arm movements in conjunction with the cuff permanently move, massage, loosen and stretch the forearm muscles, ensuring the blood flow and supporting the healing process.

We recommend wearing the cuff permanentely, day and night, for the first one or two weeks if possible.

Important: The Masalo® Cuff is a very effective bandage against epicondylitis and develops strong forces. Please only use the bandage if you have received a clear epicondylitis diagnosis from your doctor.

For more tips on how to treat the tennis elbow and golfer’s arm, please read our “How to treat the epicondylitis” page.

The right “turn”

If you want more relief, or if you have the feeling that the cuff is “pressing” on the pain point (tendon attachment), please change the position according to one or more of the following points until you have found your optimal position:

  • Turn the forearm cuff a little further to the outside or inside of the arm
  • Change the position of the forearm cuff (further towards the hand or closer to the elbow)
  • Tighten or extend the upper arm strap

The silicone Velcro tape

You will find a small “tape” on the inside of the upper arm belt with silicone points, which is fastened to the belt with Velcro. Its use is optional, you are welcome to remove this tape, but you should keep it in a safe place.

This Velcro tape is designed to increase comfort while wearing and ensure that the upper arm strap does not slip off the arm, even with slightly looser positioning. You can alter the position to suit the activity and amount of strain.

Anlegeanleitung Masalo Manschette MED - Benutzung des Silikonstreifens gegen Abrutschen des Oberarmgurts

Improve comfort while wearing

If the tendon attachments are extremely sensitive, place the upper arm strap a little higher and make it a little tighter. You may not be able to extend the arm completely, but you will achieve a greater sense of relief. This position should be changed again after 2-4 days.

Alternatively or additionally you can change the position of the forearm cuff (further towards the hand or closer to the elbow).

Additional information

If the cuff is fitted very tightly and the strain is extreme, the Velcro fasteners may come loose in exceptional cases.

This is a desirable effect to ensure continuous blood circulation. If necessary, change the positioning of the cuff.

If you notice circulatory disturbances during normal use, please adjust the settings of the cuff accordingly.

Frau arbeitet am Computer und trägt Masalo Manschette gegen Mausarm
Handwerker kann Beruf nur dank Masalo Manschette MED noch ausüben

Washing the cuff

You can wash the Masalo® cuff MED by hand at 30°C, adding customary detergents (without bleaching agents).

To avoid damage and to preserve their long-term adhesive strength, we recommend closing the Velcro fastenings before washing.

Do not dry in direct heat (e.g. heater, sunlight, etc.)

Do not tumble dry!

Die Masalo Manschette MED ist waschbar bei 30 Grad per Handwäsche

Our main goal is to help you ridding the treacherous and painful epicondylitis and to maximize the effect of every single sold cuff.
If you have any questions regarding…

  • Exchanges (wrong size, cuff doesn’t fit)
  • Returns
  • Washing & care

or if anything just “doesn’t feel right”oder falls Sie sich einfach unsicher sind, lesen Sie bitte auf jeden Fall unsere “FAQ” -page or get in touch with us afterwards via mail or contact form.

Support & Contact form

In order to assist you the best way possible, we need the following information from you:

  • Your measured circumference (thickest point, slightly stretched arm, relaxed state)
  • Pictures of your arm with the cuff attached


  1. Apply the cuff and stretch the arm to around 140 degrees (so basically extend your arm as much as you can)
  2. Have both the outer side and the inner side of the arm photographed and send us one picture per side
  3. We need to see the whole arm, so please make sure that everything is visible from the wrist to the elbow
  4. Please reduce the file size if possible

Send the whole package together with your order number and the problem description to: