Masalo Cuff MED – The revolutionary tennis elbow treatment

Illustration of the Masalo Cuff MED tennis elbow brace

New: Masalo® Cuff MED

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Novel textile version – The (r)evolution against tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow & mouse arm

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Proven and unique Masalo® counter-traction principle – more than 26.000 happy and cured customers

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Washable & hygienic – ideal for jobs with strict hygienic regulations

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More than 3 years of development time – improved effect and optimized wearing comfort due to multilayer textiles and high tech fibres

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No more metal parts – easier handling, no risk of injury

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Certified high-grade materials – allergy friendly, disinfectable

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Suitable for swimming and water sports – can be worn permanently

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The Masalo® Cuff is a medical device regarding regulation 2017/745/EU
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TV test report about the Masalo® Cuff MED

The German broadcasting channel “Welt der Wunder” (engl. “World full of miracles”) and a highly respected sports physician from Switzerland tested our Masalo® Cuff MED against epicondylitis.

In this clip the unique mechanism of action of the cuff is explained by the physician and the clinical picture of the tennis elbow and why our invention can help every sufferer is shown as well.

Other videos, tests and TV reports can be found here.

Helpful information video

Our information video provides helpful information about the treacherous and painful epicondylitis, its causes and how the Masalo® Cuff can help ridding the injury.

Our clever invention with its revolutionary and unique mechanism of action is so much more than a usual tennis elbow support.

Learn everything about this new remedy by watching our information video first.

How does the Masalo® Cuff MED work?

The Masalo® Cuff MED works with the proven Masalo® counter-traction principle, which is still unique in the field of epicondylitis treatment. More than 26,000 customers have already been able to rid their treacherous injury with the help of our Masalo® BASIC leather cuff.

The comfortable forearm cuff of the Masalo® cuff MED is placed a few inches apart from the elbow and fixed with the high-quality and very durable Velcro fastener. The upper arm strap is then also fastened with a Velcro and adjusted accordingly to the desired activity and load of the arm.

The unique and patent pending construction keeps the upper arm strap in place regardless of the movement or the flexion of the arm. Slipping of the belt is prevented by an additional element with silicone nubs (which can optionally be easily removed as well). The tensile forces are reduced or completely stopped by the proven counter-traction principle, the affected area is relieved immediately. The negative tractive forces are diverted to the redesigned upper arm strap.

As a result, the affected tendons have the chance to heal, although the arm can be used at full strength again.

The cause of the epicondylitis with microcracks and inflamed tendon insertions
Masalo counter-traction principle against tennis elbow, golfers elbow, mouse arm, epicondylitis which immediately reduces the tractive forces

Whats new and special about the Masalo® Cuff MED?

illustration of the masalo cuff against tennis elbow, golfers elbow, mouse arm (epicondylitis) with its revolutionary counter-traction principle

Over three years of development time, dozens of prototypes, high costs, little sleep – but now our vision of a washable, highly comfortable and textile bandage with the proven and unique Masalo® counter-traction principle finally becomes reality.

Multilayer textiles and high tech fibres ensure a significantly improved effect, optimized wearing comfort and an appealing look.

In contrast to our proven leather cuff BASIC, the new Masalo® cuff MED is washable, so it can now also be worn in occupations where there are strict hygienic regulations, such as in the care sector, in hospitals, day-care centers etc.

If the cuff should ever get dirty, you can simply wash it now.

Similarly, sweaty workouts or hard jobs in harsh, dirty environments are no longer a problem.

In addition, the cuff can now be worn when swimming, in water sports activities such as surfing, stand-up paddling, etc.

Sportler mit Masalo Manschette MED beim Bankdrücken

The Masalo® cuff MED is significantly more effective than its predecessor, much easier to use and it is honestly very comfortable.

You can even wear it under a shirt and generally under clothing.

Since the cuff now doesn’t contain metal parts anymore, even the delicate favorite blouse can finally be worn over the cuff.

Altenpflegerin trägt Masalo Manschette MED bei der Arbeit und hält die Hand einer älteren Dame
Arzt verschreibt Masalo Manschette MED gegen Tennisarm, Golferarm, Mausarm (Epicondylitis)

The Masalo® Cuff MED now can be worn at jobs with strict hygienic regulations as well

If unsure, please show our cuff or our product-info to a physician whom you trust

Which cuff size should I order?

The Masalo® Cuff MED is available in two different sizes and for each arm side.
In order to determine the correct cuff size for you, please measure the circumference of your affected forearm at the thickest part. Please perform the measurement in a slightly stretched arm state.

After measuring carefully, please choose whether you need the cuff either for the left arm or for the right arm.

Between 25,5cm and 28,5cm circumference both sizes are a snug fit.
Please choose size 1 when have a circumference of 27cm or less, and choose size 2 with more than 27cm circumference.

Masalo Cuff - size chart
illustration of the masalo cuff against tennis elbow, golfers elbow, mouse arm (epicondylitis) with its revolutionary counter-traction principle


Thanks to the feedback from hundreds of our customers, we really have improved the Masalo® Cuff MED in every respect.

The superior effect of the Masalo® Cuff BASIC made of leather has always been the unique selling proposition of our clever invention – and this effect has now been even greatly improved.

The Masalo® Cuff MED is also visually more attractive and consists of high-grade materials, multilayer textiles and high-tech fibres, that make wearing the cuff very comfortable and simply a snug fit.

The cuff is washable and can therefore be worn in occupations with strict hygienic regulations as well as for swimming, water sports and much more.

The Masalo® Cuff MED therefore is the ideal support for all epicondylitis plagued patients, athletes, workers and active people and should not be missing in any medicine cabinet or gym bag for prophylaxis.

Information material:

Convince yourself:
If you are still undecided and hesitant about whether our product suits your needs or not, simply show our cuff or our product-info to a physician whom you trust in order to get a specialist advice and a second opinion.
This way you can ensure the Masalo® Cuff MED is the right choice for you 🙂

Simply click on the box “Info Sheet”, print out our information brochure or send/forward the file.
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