FAQ – questions and answers about the Masalo® Cuff MED

On this page you will find many useful questions and answers regarding our Masalo® Cuff MED.

Just in case you don’t find an answer to your specific question on this page, please also have a look at our instruction manual as well as our tipps on how to treat the epicondylitis. Otherwise, feel free to contact us at any time.

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Arzt verschreibt Masalo Manschette MED gegen Tennisarm, Golferarm, Mausarm (Epicondylitis)

All information on how to figure out the correct cuff size can also be found on the product page.
Below you can see the size chart (and a measure tape you can print if neccessary can be found on the product page as well).

Please measure the thickest part of your affected forearm in a relaxed state, the arm should be slightly stretched, muscles untensed. Now you can see the correct size for your cuff in the table.
Please measure with utmost accuracy 🙂

Between 25.5cm and 28.5cm both sizes are a snug fit. However, please choose size 1 when having a forearm circumference of 27cm or less and choose size 2 with more than 27cm circumference.

Please also choose, whether you need your cuff for the left arm or for the right arm, because due to the different construction form the cuff is optimized for a specific arm side.

Masalo Cuff - size chart

The Masalo® Cuff can be used in acute and chronic epicondylitis (tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow, RSI, mouse arm), as well as for prevention.

Tensile forces are the main cause for the tennis elbow
Counter-traction operating principle of the Masalo Cuff MED against tennis elbow

Chart: Microcracks evoked by tensile forces –
the main cause of the epicondylitis (tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow)

The Masalo® Cuff reduces these tensile forces and the affected area is relieved immediately

The Masalo® Cuff generates an opposing force, counter-acting the cause and immediately relieving strain on the affected area around the elbow. By moving the arm with the brace attached, the muscles of the lower arm are constantly extended, stretched and massaged. This completely novel mechanism of action immediately relieves strain on the tendon insertions.

For more detailed information please read our operating principle infopage

Please also watch our information video below:

Can the Masalo® Cuff guarantee a complete cure in every case?

The tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow develops individually for each person.
The Masalo® Cuff works on a logical and simple physical principle. Tensile forces are reduced by opposing forces and almost neutralized. This relieves the affected area.

Nevertheless, the Masalo® Cuff is not a miracle cure and may not work for everyone. If you have the classic pain at rest and in extension (with the movement of the hand, fingers …), you should soon note a certain amount of pain relief or even complete freedom from pain with the Masalo® Cuff. If the pain mainly occurs during flexion of the arm, it may take longer.

We can not and should not give guarantee for success, maybe the Masalo® Cuff will not help which can have many causes. But again, if you have a diagnosed (!) tennis elbow or golfer’s elbow, chances are good that the Masalo® Cuff is the right decision for you 🙂

What do I do if the Masalo® Cuff does not help immediately?

First of all, please have a look at our instructions for use as well as our helpful video.
Most of the times, when a customers doesn’t feel the relief, the cuff is not optimally fastened or does not fit. In any case, you should be patient, and if you feel unsure, please do not hesitate to contact us anytime.

It can take a certain amount of time before you actually feel an improvement. This is quite different for each person. If you feel the counter-traction and certainly have a tennis elbow or golfer’s elbow (epicondylitis), you have really good chances that the cuff will also help you. Some people achieve complete freedom of pain after a few hours, some may need to be more patient. If you are unsure, ask your doctor.

When you buy the Masalo® Cuff you don’t take any risks. Once you have received and tried on the brace, you decide whether you want give the Masalo® Cuff a chance or prefer to send it back. If you do not like the Masalo® Cuff just return the unworn item. You will receive the full purchase price as a refund. You can test the brace just as it would be possible in a retail store. But please understand that we can not take back obviously worn items.

In order to contact us, you can use our convenient contact form or send us a mail to: shop@masalo.eu

How soon will the Masalo® Cuff help?

This is entirely dependent on how your individual situation in terms of your tennis elbow or golfer’s elbow, and if you really have such an injury / illness.

Although the tendon insertions are immediately relieved after the proper applying, but if you feel immediately pain relief or when you achieve pain relief is dependent on many factors (please also read the user reviews). If you have, for example, recently received injections or other treatments, the pain may also have its origin there. The progress can be linear – steadily better and better – or at intervals with recovery – pain – recovery etc. You may have done something in the meantime to the arm, which amplifies the problem again for a short time, or you just fight against inflammation.

Medicine is so complex that one can not predict how the process will evolve individually for you. Not without reason doctors have to meet high requirements, study many years and constantly study further.

The Masalo® Cuff works on a simple, mechanical and logical principle. It is not a drug and can not fight from the inside as drugs against pain and inflammation.

If in doubt, please speak with a physician of your trust.

How do I find out if the Masalo® Cuff can really help me?

If you have a “classic” tennis elbow or golfer’s elbow, and a definite diagnosis was made by a physician, you basically have a very good chance that the Masalo® Cuff will help you.

Buy your brace, put it on properly and then decide whether you want to try it with the cuff or not. Otherwise, please send it back unworn and receive a full refund of the purchase price. Please feel free to ask your doctor for advice before purchasing – and if he thinks that the Masalo® Cuff is suitable for you. You can either show the cuff, or print the article page and present it to your physician.

Download info sheet (.pdf)

Yes, you can. The tighter you set the upper arm strap, the more effort you need for full extension and also the earlier the counter-traction sets in, and with it the relief. Therefore, many customers initially set the cuff a little tighter.

Yes, if you really have a tennis or golfer’s elbow and the cuff helps you, you can and should move the arm as normal as possible with the brace attached. Customers report that pain-free tennis, squash, golf and weight training is quickly possible since the cuff protects through its counter-traction principle. Table tennis, however, or sports where sometimes extremely rapid rotational movements are required, may require the cuff to be worn a bit long beforehand. Handicrafting, weightlifting and comparable activities should be possible to reperform pretty soon.

If you’re into weight training, bodybuilding or looking forward to getting additional information regarding sportive activities with the Masalo® Cuff, please also have a look at our sports info page 🙂

Tennisspieler mit Masalo Manschette MED gegen Tennisarm (Epicondylitis)
Kraftsportler im cleverfit Berlin-Mahlsdorf mit Masalo Manschette MED gegen Tennisarm trainiert mit Bizeps Langhantelstange

A tennis player using the Masalo® Cuff

Weight training is also possible with the Masalo® Cuff MED

I have a chronic epicondylitis and it is about to undergo surgery. Can the Masalo® Cuff help me anyways?
Especially customers who have the problem, the injury already quite long and in an extreme form often report that the brace can cause an immediate relief and gradually relieve pain. Among these are cases of people who have to deal with the tennis arm or golfer’s arm for many years constantly and they especially appreciate the reclaimed quality of life with the Masalo® Cuff.

I already had surgery and still have pain. Can the Masalo® Cuff help me anyway?
This is definitely worth a try. We have some customers who still had pain after surgery and are now capable of moving their arm completely normal again thanks to the Masalo® Cuff.

I have a lot of pain especially at night and in the morning. Can the Masalo® Cuff help me?
This is quite typical for tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow. Most customers report nocturnal pain and sleepless nights. At night, you do not control your movements and when you are turning in sleep and perhaps support yourself with the affected arm. Many people also report a “rest pain” when the arm just simply lays down. The Masalo® Cuff can and should be worn at night. The blood flow is not disturbed, allowing you to permanently wear the cuff. This should bring back a relaxing, painfree and deep sleep soon.

Download info sheet (.pdf)

If you have the feeling that the cuff doesn’t fit properly or you may have ordered the wrong size, please take off the cuff and please contact us immediately and BEFORE returning the parcel.

In case you don’t feel any effect from the cuff, if you can fully extend your arm without noticing relief and counter-traction, then the cuff is propably (95% of all times) not adjusted and attached correctly.

In that case please have a look at our instruction manual as well as the instruction video and afterwards use our contact form and choose the option “Exchange”

If you don’t like our product you can return it within 14 days and we refund your amount paid immediately after receiving the parcel.

You can try out the product at home, but please test the fit and effect before wearing it for a long period, as you would in a store, and not over several hours or days.
Please then decide if you wish to keep the product and contact us before you return the item.

You do not necessarily have to fill in the withdrawal form, but we can not allocate / process shipments without an invoice / delivery note or at least a short note as a revocation.

Please appreciate that we can only take back articles that are in a flawless condition.

If you’d like to return the cuff because you have problems attaching it or something just doesn’t “feel” right, then please contact us first, in 95% of all cases we can help fitting the brace correctly in order to achieve the maximum effect.

It is best to go to our contact page and select the point “returns”, then we will guide you step by step to help you returning the product.

Customer satisfaction is very important to us and we are happy to support you wherever we can.

Washing the cuff

You can wash the Masalo® Cuff MED by hand at 30°C, adding customary detergents (without bleaching agents).

To avoid damage and to preserve their long-term adhesive strength, we recommend closing the Velcro fastening before washing.

Do not dry in direct heat (e.g. heater, sunlight etc.)

Do not tumble dry!

Die Masalo Manschette MED ist waschbar bei 30 Grad per Handwäsche