Videos about the Masalo® Cuff

English TV report about the Masalo® Cuff MED

The German broadcasting channel “Welt der Wunder” (engl. “World full of miracles”) and a highly respected sports physician from Switzerland tested our Masalo® Cuff MED against epicondylitis.

In this clip the unique mechanism of action of the cuff is explained by the physician and the clinical picture of the tennis elbow and why our invention can help every sufferer is shown as well.

German broadcaster reviews Masalo® Cuff

The largest German public broadcaster ARD with its regional television channel MDR reviewed the Masalo® Cuff. In this TV-report the inventor of the cuff talks about the history and the development of Masalo and a German client, working as a mailwoman, speaks about how the Masalo® Cuff saved her professional existence.

The report is in German, but easy to follow through.

Source/Rights: MDR

Information video

Our information video provides helpful information about the treacherous and painful epicondylitis, its causes and how the Masalo® Cuff can help ridding the injury.

Our clever invention with its revolutionary and unique mechanism of action is so much more than a usual tennis elbow support.

Learn everything about this new remedy by watching our information video first.

How to apply the Masalo® Cuff

Please read our instruction manual first before watching our instruction video.

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